Do you employ 11 – 100 people? In addition to complying with employment legislation, you need an HR solution that is scalable and able to meet the evolving needs of your business. Our Premium Employment Package for SMEs will boost your HR capability by giving you access to enhanced HR advice, whenever you need it, and support in drafting and implementing your HR strategy. Furthermore it will ensure that you have an updated, comprehensive library of HR documents and procedures in place.Our Premium Employment Package for SMEs will deliver this outcome for you by ensuring that you have a comprehensive library of HR documents and procedures in place.



By introducing the Premium Employment Package for SMEs, you’ll benefit from:

  • Peace of mind that your business is, and will remain, compliant with legislation
  • Reduced employment-related risks and improved engagement with your workforce to improve performance and retention
  • A consistent and fair approach in dealing with your employees, reducing the risk of employment claims and disputes
  • Access to the expertise and experience of highly experienced HR professionals
  • Improved employee engagement, with all your employees being clear of what is expected of them
  • A flexible and scalable approach, reflecting your business culture with legal requirements
  • A cost-effective, flexible service that puts you in control and enables you to ‘flex’ your approach as your business evolves
  • An annual HR Health Check, comprising an on-site visit from one of our HR specialists to conduct a review of your policies and procedures