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Remote Working
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Managing People & Work Activity

Ensuring Remote Workers remain focused and well informed will be key to maintaining performance whilst working remotely.To ensure success, everyone will have a role to play as the normal lines of updates and communication may have altered?

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HR Policies

Do you have HR Policies that cover remote working?If not, you may need the following:

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Engagement & Wellbeing

Remote Working will bring challenges so ensuring Remote Workers remain mentally and physically healthy and engaged with your organisation will be key to ensure success - with everyone having a role to play:

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Offices and workspaces have been designed solely for work purposes. When Remote Working, the home environment is modified to accommodate work and therefore it is incumbent on both the Employer and Remote Worker to ensure any risks are identified and addressed and lines of reporting are established.

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Having assessed your options, Remote Working may not be feasible and therefore you may need to consider other options such as:

    • Send employees home with pay
    • Use annual leave / agree period of unpaid leave
    • Consider support available through the Governments Job Support Scheme available for six months from November 2020
    • Online Learning
    • Mutually agree a variation of contract (e.g. reduced hours / pay, zero hours) on a temporary or permanent basis
    • LOST (lay-off or short-time working)
    • Redundancy (voluntary / compulsory)

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Having the right equipment will be one of the key factors to make Remote Working successful, here are some items you may need to consider.

    • Laptop
    • WiFi
    • Data Security
    • System Security
    • Accessibility
    • Telephony

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