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Changing a Payroll System can be a worrying but necessary task for any business. No employee will thank you for paying them properly, however, the consequence of not doing so can have far reaching consequences. Payroll sits at the heart of the relationship between an employer and employee. Get it wrong and you risk damaging that essential blend of trust and confidence.

Petaurum Solutions has a wealth of experience in partnering both Public Sector and well known High Street Brands. From sourcing the right solution, through to configuration, design and implementation, we have years of experience in a broad range of systems such as SAP, SuccessFactors, Agresso, SAGE and Cascade to name a few.

Whether you have decided to upgrade your Payroll System as a matter of choice or whether you have been left with no option, this can be a period of high risk and uncertainty, but if approached correctly it can be a great opportunity to step back from what you are doing now and look at possible improvements and efficiencies. Whilst some may see a Payroll System as simply calculating and paying salaries, it is so much more as there are always a range of polices and processes that determine what employees are entitled to and how this information is processed.

In any Pay System, reducing the amount of additional payments made to salaries reduces the risk of over and underpayments. Changing a Payroll System may allow you the opportunity to review how you pay your employees and offer the opportunity to consolidate your additional payments into their salaries. This is not a simple process and it will be necessary to draw up a plan and consult with your employees along the way. We have numerous years of experience in implementing and designing these changes, accordingly we can advise on the best approach to take whilst in conjunction helping to manage the risks and execution of the alterations to ensure your business receives the best possible outcome.

The Second Area you can focus on is reviewing how information is passed to your Payroll Teams and how they process this data. Many pay processes have evolved over time and have been passed down from Payroll Admin to Payroll Admin without much change, usually due to any changes carrying inherent risks such as improper pay for employees. With our experience in helping both Business Owners and Payroll Teams, we can help you and your team take a step back and generate a detailed and pragmatic review on how they collect, pass and manage all elements of pay information. We will challenge the norm and be a driving force for better ways of working, thereby allowing the creation of a more efficient and timely pay processing process freeing up both Operational and Payroll Resources to further complement your new system.

Whatever you choose to do we can play a critical value-added role as your Trusted Partner, bridging the knowledge between your payroll and system provider teams, driving meaningful discussions, challenging the norms and ensuring that your investment brings the value you expect. Most important of all, every member of your team will continue to be paid correctly when your system goes Live.

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