How Can You Improve Staff Productivity

Improving Staff Productivity In our article on Motivating Employees we talked about the various theories of motivation and intrinsic and extrinsic motivators.  Studies have shown that a high level of motivation leads to increased productivity, but how does this work...

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Why Does a Business Need HR Support?

What is Human Resources? If you were to ask ten people to define the role of a Human Resources Department, it’s quite likely that you would get ten difference answers.  Why is that?  Are they lacking in understanding or does the function itself lack purpose, clarity...

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Sharp rise in pension auto-enrolment fines

The last financial year has seen a sharp rise in the number of businesses fined by the Pensions Regulator for pension auto-enrolment errors. The number of fines in 2017-18 was 35,810, up from 14,650 in 2016-17. Fines totalled £42m in 2017-18 for auto-enrolment errors,...

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Top Tips: Rewarding and Motivating your Employees

Top Tips: Rewarding and Motivating your Employees

Or improving Employee Engagement as us HR types like to call it! There are thousands of articles available online, based on a range of different philosophies; some very practical and based on common sense, others a bit wackier!  Here are a few of our favourites,  but...

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Top Tips: Setting up a Payroll

Top Tips: Setting up a Payroll

So you have taken the plunge and set up your own business and started employing people (see our other ‘top tips’ articles on how best to do this), now you will need to have the capability to pay them appropriately and meet your Pensions Automatic Enrolment...

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    How to Motivate Your Employees Without Money

      In our article about the theory and nature of Motivating Employees we looked at the factors that motivate people to engage with their role and the organisation to produce their best work. The main issues that motivate employees positively are not the financially...

    Five Ways to Improve Staff Wellbeing

    As a business owner, one of the top priorities you should have is ensuring the wellbeing of your staff is at an optimum level. Doing this can help maintain productivity and guarantee the demands of the business are met. There are several ways you can help improve...

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