Other Options

Having assessed your options, Remote Working may not be feasible and therefore you may need to consider other options such as:

  • Send employees home with pay
  • Use annual leave / agree period of unpaid leave
  • Consider support available through the Government’s Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme
  • Place employee on Furlough
  • Online Learning
  • Mutually agree a variation of contract (e.g. reduced hours / pay, zero hours) on a temporary or permanent basis
  • LOST (lay-off or short-time working)
  • Redundancy (voluntary / compulsory)


How to Manage Redundancy

How To Manage a Redundancy Process

 If you’re looking at making redundancies, or have begun the redundancy process, you need to ensure it is compliant and fair. Included in this download is a redundancy preparation checklist, the statutory requirements, information on calculating redundancy pay and more. Get in touch for redundancy support and advice 

Download Link Here

Covid 19 Guidance

We are in unprecedented times and consequently, both the Government and their supporting bodies are issuing regular updates as they bid to halt the spread of Corona Virus. We are continuing to monitor the situation and are updating our guidance regularly. Please see below for our current view on how the Government support packages will work and things to be mindful of.
Covid 19 Guidance

The coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak continues to have a direct impact on businesses and their employees worldwide. This guide is intended to provide advice on key HR considerations and actions businesses should or could take to respond to and manage the risk of COVID-19

Download Link Here

Furlough Extension Template Letter

For those looking to implement a further period of furlough for employees, we have produced a template letter and guidance to help you communicate to your employees.

Furlough Extension Template Letter
To help communicate to employees about extending their Furlough status, we have produced the following letter which you may wish to adapt and use to inform employees. Please do personalise this letter and not regard it as definitive or legally watertight in any way Download Link Here

Online Learning

Online Course Directory

Whilst on Furlough why not upskill or refresh your knowledge by taking an online training course. With a wide variety of courses on offer delivered direct to your desktop learning couldn’t be easier.

View Our Online Course Directory

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