What are Employee Benefits?

Traditional benefits are still as important as ever, including annual leave, a company pension and career progression. 

However, employee benefits are becoming essential for today’s workforce. And that is especially so for employee benefits for small business!

Employee benefits are a driving force behind increased employee motivation, greater passion for the job and better mental well-being in and out the workplace. They prove to be influential in keeping staff turnover rates low and staff morale high. They also promote job satisfaction.

The list goes on.

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In today’s working landscape, employee benefits are becoming more and more important.

Examples of Employee Benefits

In your workplace, these employee benefits could look like:

  • Flexi-working for a better work/life balance
  • Childcare arrangements to help relieve home stressors
  • Employee benefit platform to make wages go further

And they’re not just for the ‘big boy’ companies. They’re totally within reach for small to medium sized businesses and don’t have to cost the earth.

According to a recent survey, 1 in 5 employees said that there were no workplace benefits on offer to them.

This means if there is a lack within your workplace, staff could become demotivated and consider jumping ship.

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Work Perks and Recruitment

Not only are benefits important to keeping staff but recruiting staff is also influenced by what perks are on offer.

Glassdoor has found that 57% of job seekers count benefits and perks among their top considerations before taking a new job.

Although salary is still one of the most important factor when considering a new job, some job seekers are putting attractive perks above salary when looking for a role.

Financially, the benefits offered to employees will help them to save money. Employee benefits for small business are even more attractive when working to a budget!

An Example of How Employee Benefits can Help your Employees

Let’s say your employee desperately needs a new kitchen and it is having a negative effect on their home life.

Theirs is old and worn out and some bits have stopped working. On Benefits Cloud they can save up to 45% on kitchen appliances bought with Hotpoint, Indesit or Whirlpool. This would make a big difference in the cost of renovating their kitchen!

Discounts like these result in your staff having more disposable income. This means they have the luxury of being able to enjoy life a little more outside of working, contributing to their attitude in work.

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Why Should I Invest?

You will know all about investing your money to get a good return on investment and staffing is no different.

That return may not be tangible, like sealing a juicy contract or hitting sales targets. But all these things are almost impossible without a motivated, happy and productive workforce.

At Benefits Cloud we recognise the needs of businesses like yours which is why we have a transparent pricing structure of different packages.

And we also haven’t forgotten what we set out to do from the very beginning, which is to be different.

To this end, we offer our Standard Package which is only £2 per employee per month. The Standard Package for Micro Companies, with 5 or less employees, and Non-Profit organisations is FREE.

That’s right, £0.

So, if you’re part of a charity, club or association, then you and your members can enjoy Benefits Cloud as a perk of membership. Employee benefits for small business doesn’t just stop at SMEs!

Whether you’re a sports club, village association, professional or trade association – there’s no limit.

We also have our Premium Package which is £3 per employee/member per month.

How do Employee Benefits for Small Business Work?

Through Benefits Cloud your employees can choose how they claim the rewards.

Retail offers including clothes, technology and gadgets are a big hit with our current users, as is our holiday section.

Employees can claim discounts on days out, getaways and holidays and short breaks through Benefits Cloud… and hopefully bring presents back into the office on their return! 

Rewards in other areas include Home & Garden, Health & Beauty, Tech & Gadgets, Home Office and Finance.

They can also use it to contribute to every-day things such as the food shop.

With our premium offer of 3% off at Asda, employees can rack up their savings over the year. We also do a Christmas Savings Card at Asda where you can save up to £144 on each card, earning a special bonus in November (T&C’s apply).

With Benefits Cloud, all our discounts and offers are on real, useful things and are reviewed constantly.

19% of employees who have access to benefits don’t use them because they’re not relevant to them.

By giving your staff their own log in and access to the website, they can choose, in their own time, what they want and what appeals to them more. 

Easy Implementation

Business leaders can find it hard to implement a benefits system at work, more so from a SME viewpoint. Not only from a financial perspective but from a lack of resources or knowledge on how to go about it.

With Benefits Cloud you simply sign up and find the package most suitable to you and your business and you’re on your way!

Time Management

We know as SME owners or directors, time management is an uphill battle! You might think having a benefit system in place is a time-consuming task that you can’t fit in.

With individual log ins, staff are left to their own devices to reward themselves so you can sit back and relax knowing it’s taken care of.

A further benefit to this online portal is it doubles up as a company intranet with newsfeed and pinboard functionality.

Benefits Cloud is committed to providing quality perks for all employees, whilst making it as easy as possible for small to medium sized business owners who don’t have unlimited resources at their fingertips.

We don’t lock you into any long-term contracts with just a 30-day rolling contract in place. We have created a community with people like us, who love using our product, so why not come and join us?

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