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Our Partners

We are really proud to work with our trusted partners and happy to recommend them.

Optimum Safety Management brings the very best qualified advice, support, consultancy and training to our clients. We strive to bring no-nonsense practical health & safety management to companies across the UK and make what is a business-critical area as easy as possible. Using our years of experience, we tailor our services to meet your company’s needs, we will listen to you, work alongside you, and provide you with what you need to follow health and safety law, protecting your employees and your business.

 Appointed Persons

We can act as your external appointed competent person. We are registered on the OSHCR register for Chartered Health and Safety Consultants offering advice and services to meet your health and safety needs.

 Consultancy and Documentation

Our specialist health and safety advice and support can cover many areas of business. All our packages are fully bespoke, which means you can get exactly what you need. All documentation issued is tailored to suit the individual company’s needs.


Health and Safety Training is vital for business compliance and safety, but it also needs to be engaging and memorable. We strive to achieve this by being very practical in our approach to training and we make the courses as specific as we can to meet your training requirements. As qualified and experienced trainers, we are positioned to deliver both non-accredited and accredited health and safety training courses.

Trouble Shooting Consultancy

We specialise in helping companies identify areas within their company where they are not compliant with health and safety law. We work with the company to implement practical and realistic solutions to meet these statutory requirements.

Other Services We Can Delivery

  • In-depth Fire Risk Assessments
  • Fire Marshall & Extinguisher Training
  • Asbestos Surveys and Management Plans
  • Environmental Consultancy

Contact info@optimum-safety.co.uk for more information or call 01522 527544

Team Management Solution by Training-Progress is a unique system which allows businesses to track their team members’ training ensuring all are consistently trained according to the business’ own processes.  The format is also ideal for disseminating information such as an employee handbook; ensuring all team members are kept up to date with any changes which are made.

 Consistent working practices

Training-Progress ensures all team members are aware of and working according to consistent processes; eliminating the inconsistencies which reduce customer confidence and team productivity.

 Identify and correct knowledge gaps

Training-Progress ensures all team members have the knowledge required to perform their job role to the full.

 Accurate communication

Training-Progress allows you to track acknowledgement of communications – no more ‘What email?’ conversations.

Excellent document management

The integrated document management system ensures universal access to up-to-date reference documents managed in line with ISO9001 expectations and use of ‘Hotlinks’ quick reference information.

Proof of training

Reporting systems provides proof of training for H&S and compliance schemes.

Change Management

Ensuring team members are aware of changing processes and that the changes are enshrined in the working life of the business.

Objective data

With quality data provided for appraisals you can clearly demonstrate where a team member is benefiting the business (keeping up-to-date and engaging in training their peers) and where they are failing to do so.

Save senior team members time

Devolving responsibility for training to the individual reduces line-manager training burdens; while recognising, supporting and rewarding ‘peer to peer’ training mechanisms.

All this through one simple interface which will save your team members’ time and improve business profits by ensuring consistency in your business processes.

Contact info@Training-Progress.com for more information or call 01423 313323